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Pools baby

Every year after the season I invite the entire team to my brother-in-law Keith's swimming pool. Yes it's above gound which you know means it's "so money" (Vince Vaughn). Last year we had burgers, dogs and a John Mayer impersonator shredding the acoustic (the neighbors are dicks). 

So while you shouldn't invite me to play on your team just for this end of August bash, it certainly doesn't hurt. Word on the street is this year my bro's got a volleyball net so we can go full Goose and Maverick IN THE POOL.

(B.ring Y.our O.wn B.utter to rub on your pecs) 

Also, no pissing. I know it's cool to turn your hose loose in a lukewarm floating tub but I guess last year Keith's daughter got pink eye or something.  I honestly saw her rubbing her asshole during cake time at the table but hey I guess Keith likes to blame us instead. 


Pool Rules


1. No Pissing 

2. No Eating Spaghetti (DAVE) 

3. WWE Ladder Matches Encouraged

4. Absolutely No Capri Sun Straws (Trust Me) 

5. Open Hand Fights Only